Parents as Partners

St. Nicholas Children’s Centre welcomes all children regardless of ethnicity, culture or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties or disabilities, gender or ability.  We believe all children should have the opportunity to experience a challenging and enjoyable program of learning and development.  Our nursery is open to every family in our community, we believe all children are entitled to enjoy a full life in conditions which will help them take part in society and develop as an individual, with their own cultural and spiritual beliefs and their own life experiences.

We ensure that our inclusive admissions practice provides equality of access and opportunity to all children who wish to attend, however once our setting has reached its full capacity to meet the needs of children with special educational needs or disabilities, we will have to redirect families to their nearest Children’s Centre where they will be supported in finding the most suitable placement for their child.


“My child loves nursery, she has come on so well with her speech and language development, the staff are always helpful and friendly, it’s a really fantastic nursery.”

“The nursery has had a great impact on my boys, the staff bring out the best in them both.  They love coming to nursery and to explore new things every day.  The staff do a wonderful job and I appreciate how much they have taught my boys.  Thanks to the staff – top job.”

“As a parent I am really happy and content with what the staff are doing because we have seen a lot of improvement in my son’s speaking and playing.  I am grateful for the hard work they have done.  Thank you!”

“I’ve had two children at St. Nicholas Children’s Centre and I couldn’t recommend them more.  They always make me feel welcome and any doubts I have are always answered.  Additional support was put in place when my son needed it and not only for him they also gave me tools to help him.  I am very grateful for everything they have done for my children, thank you very much.”

“We heard good things before our son started at the nursery.  We couldn’t be happier, we can see our son go to nursery smiling and arrive home smiling.  Plenty of activities and play time, we see day by day achievements and the development emotionally, physically and socially.  Thank you is not enough but thank you for contributing to our son becoming a great human being.  Thank you for all the hard work, dedication and love to all of the children.”